2019: INEC Set Presidential Elections For 16 February



Political Parties And Interest Group

Linking citizens to government is a function shared by political parties and interest groups.  Political parties do this by running candidates for office during an election campaign who advocate certain programs and implement these programs after being elected by the voters. Interest groups perform the linkage function by organizing citizens with similar views in s specific policy area and then presenting these views to government officials.
Still, there are differences between political parties and interest groups. Most significantly, interest groups do not contest elections by running candidates for office. Although they may work within parties to have a favorite candidate nominated and endorse and work to elect candidates in the general election who will support their goals, they do not run their own candidates for office nor do they serve as symbols of voter loyalty.
Again, Although political parties are committed exclusively to political action, Interest groups engage in both political and nonpolitical activity.
In regard to political activities, the two major parties take positions on a vast array of social and economic issues confronting the nation or the state . The interest groups, in contrast, are often concerned about only a single issue or a limited number of policy matters. Because of the broad commitment to, public politics and their concern for winning elections, parties must appeal to the broadest possibly spectrum of the electorate.
The political positions taken by interest groups are much less inclusive.

Ghana’s Economy Not Booming!!

The economy of Ghana is so shocking and dreadful. The research carried out shows that until we change our attitudes as citizens, the economy will continue to be same.

Until our politicians make an end to the dirty politics, the economy would remain same without moving an inch.

In fact it is very disgusting and questionably to see things not moving upright in the country.

There is the need as a nation to advocate for change. We have to bring it to the awareness of our so called “politicians” as “political activists”, if you like “advocators” that they are putting the nation in the darkness, if you like in the “soup”, for that matter something must be done to make the  economy of Ghana a burgeoning economy.

Advocacy is the only tool. help to advocate!!!

Serving Humanity And The Environment.

In my ideology we make a potentially dangerous mistake us Ghanaians when we frame the question in an adversarial light: to serve humanity or the environment.

The needs are not mutually exclusive. In fact they are totally independent. My caution is this:

In our haste to atone for environmental “sin” of the past, we must not delude ourselves us Ghanaians about the realities of the future. What we have to do is to measure and manage carefully how we apply technology today, if you like “The New Kid” in the system, and how to oversee the evolution from one type of technological solution to another.

We us citizens must guide the nation to technology that meets the needs of both humanity and the environment.

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